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1. Interactive Factuals

Jude Kelly OBE, ( above) talks about the Southbank Centre's Collision project explaining how risk taking nutures creativity.

The Southbank Centre, described as 'the largest single-run arts centre in the world' programmed an ambitious two weeks of interaction between the public and the Southbank's appointed Artists-in-Residence,
as well as invited guests and experts that Artists and staff had nominated. Jude Kelly and Jeremy Deller called it Collision. David Dunkley Gyimah was one of the Artists for Collision and he invited the acclaimed filmmaker and critic Mark Cousins to join him. David filmed the event with a friend Adam Westbrook and then set about designing and developing this interactive website, which provides the public a unique insight into the project. It was a rich and highly informative experience demonstrating the value of the arts and its contribution to society, which you can share in the experience here. Please note the site uses Flash, so is not viewable on iPads

David says he's always been interested in the invisible porous boundaries between disciplines.

I remember many years ago on the eve of my Chemistry and Maths degree, studying economics with a friend. Something to do with the law of diminishing returns. I love learning. Cinema is a passion of mine - all sorts, such as the Russian cinema of Tarkovsky.

He continues:

I guess it's a combination of my upbringing and education, but I have  have always felt why can't journalism or factual stories be like cinema. I don't mean them showing on the big screen, as some of my films have had the honour to do so. This film '8 Days' was screened in a Norway theatre. What I mean is the craft and psychology of creating cinema being used to get inside and behind new journalism.

2. Cinema Journalism

8 Days showing in Norway

The art of filmmaking is to use anything and everything you can get your hands on to best communicate the ideas between you and your intended reciever, says David. Fictional cinema employs this philosophy, but what if we could use this thinking to deliver a new form of journalism? The truth is, we already do to varying degrees, but the results are stolid. Today, a generation of creative practitioners has emerged. Technology is half the quest. Some of the most absorbing stories are told without any assistive technology. They rely on some of the hidden truths, the myths, the subconscious mind. Is there a general theory that undelines this. Yes, says David. 8 Days is one of several cinema journalism films made by David

3. Photomontage

As well as a passion for cinematographic photography, David has collaborated with a number of photojournalists such as Yannis Kontos, a multiple award winning photojournalist. Kontos was due to collect his global photojournalism award in Amsterdam and asked David if he could produce something he could play after his acceptance speech. This is one of two films David created within a day. It involved sampling more than a thousand of Kontos's extraordinary photos.

4. Artistic Videojournalism

Movement - played at the Southbank Centre

Art is the manifestations of the creative self, looking for unconventional answers to often everyday questions. It emerges through abandoning convention and conventional wisdom. Diversity of people, diversity of ideas, cultures and the way we approach problems are part of this thinking.  Art begats fresh design. Below,David illustrates a behind-the-scenes of a key section of his short film, followed by the full 4 minute film which aired in between theatrical performances at the Southbank.

Full Film

5. Promos

The mass consumer era fostered a neccessary framework. We needed categories to communicate to audience. Businesses taught audiences how to interpret and make use of their products. In our era, those disciplines are increasingly difficult to seperate as single entities. Hence it's not uncommon for creative people to be adept at a diversity of tasks. In David's work he consistently asks how different disciplines help create original ideas when they cross boundaries. Below, a commercial for the 911 Porsche


6. Gonzo Hard Journalism

A member of Chatham House for two decades and with a background working for news brands like Channel 4 News and Newsnight, David's work focuses on international issues made for an online audience. Below an interview with the then director of Chatham House about a report that implicated the UK had matters worse by intervening in Iraq. The report was not publicised in mainstream media.

7. Podcasts and Radio

Producing for the BBC and independent clients, Davi'd podcasts take viewers on some of the extraordinary journeys he's encountered using the artistic spectrum of soound, effects and the use of the voice as an instrument of emotion.

8. Writing for Magazine and publications

David is an avid blogger and writes on a mryiad of topics , such as technology and culture for magazines like Blue Print (below).

Three years ago whilst completing his doctorate, an amazing publishing house in the US offered David a publishing deal. The book ' Revolutionary Video' was eventually put on hold to complete his PhD. Now he's preparing for the publishers.

I hope the new knowledge I have acquired since then, will help the book become more accessible in looking at 21st century video and the new psychologies that are driving creativity.

10. Strategy, Management and Consultancy

To hire or book David, please email

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