ART:Inside the unconscious mind

Is the future of storytelling more about exploring the sub conscious mind?


Multiple strategies - video's modern useability,branding & marketing at the Business Intelligence Summit


With fellow Royal Television Society Awards Judge, CNN's Becky Anderson. David explains common traits behind award winners and what is replicable (click on Training)

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One thing is certain, if not many in 2016, we will be accosted with a cacophony of new instruments, tools and tech gizmos to shine a torch into the darkened areas of information that should be made transparent. But we’ll forgo developing our most fundamental, powerful tech of all: cognitivism and how the audience derives meaning and new editorial frameworks for practitioners to be innovative, and push the boundaries. In his 25 years of creative work in the media and video, and online technology work since 1998, Dr David Dunkley Gyimah shares his knowledge bridging technology, storytelling, art, and behaviour. Apple/PPI by Le Hei

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Our era deserves new technologies to help us creatively produce stories, but it also demands a fresh understanding of behaviourial psychology and the tools to tell nuanced and complex stories in our diverse cultures. These new methods must get inside the mind of a story; go beyond the explicit blunt expressions. Cinema Journalism filmmaking conceives stories that use artistic practice and cinema tropes, which Dr David Dunkley Gyimah (DDG) has demonstrated in China, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, South Africa and the US too name a few places. In this peice young Syrians, many wanted by Syria's President Assad's forces, meet near the border of Turkey and Syria. Dr Dunkley Gyimah with a team of internationals meet up with them to help create "Stories of Record', looking inside the lives of Syrians.

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Each week DDG features images he's taken or sourced that frame diversity and creativity. Image is of England fullback and former Arsenal FC player Anita Asante.

Made on Iphones

The iPhone pushes new limits of aesthetics as . can bee seen from this unique project made on assignment in India.

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Living our life in front of a lens. Video promo capturing coming of age as video becomes the medium of choice for comms.

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National television figure Jon Snow is one of many professionals who provide praise about David's work and his work ethic.

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He is a one man hurricane

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David's style has a cinema quality about it.

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I love your cinema style

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