Jon Snow, Channel 4 News
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Jeff Jarvis, CUNY
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Peter Barron, VP Communications Google
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Student feedback 2016 and 2011
"Dr Dunkley Gyimah brings the student immediately into a newsroom environment and prepares you to prepare for that editor you are likely to meet in the real world."

"Dr Dunkley Gyimah presents a challenge, a problem and through this you establish ways to get through and then you realise how much you've learnt." View Video







South Africa, 1994
BBC World Service freelance reporter David in South Africa reporting on the biggest international story that year --the inaguration of President Nelson Mandela - whom he would later meet. Image shows David, also an ABC News producer at the scene of Johannesburg bomb blast, about to go live on the BBC World Service. Hear BBC audio



Apple website article:
"...technology helps this “one-man hurricane” break down the boundaries
between art and journalism, between production and post-production,
and between the present and the future."

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site recipient of a Knight Batten Award (US)."

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MEDIUM writing

Latest post: Does the BBC’s lack of diversity appear
to ignore aptitude in favour of privilege?

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Dr David Dunkley Gyimah is the first British winner of the (US) Knight Batten Award forinnovation in journalism. He’s been invited to share his expertise at BBC global executive meetings, the World Newspaper group and CUNY as one of 20 experts invited by The Guardian’s Professor Jeff Jarvis to look at the future of television. David has been integral to the successful transformation of the University of Westminster’s International MA Multimedia Journalism programme, in its design and delivery, with several students becoming national awards finalists in video and online at the BJTC and One World Media Awards. He was chuffed that his teaching methods were recognised by the NUS Westminster student awards.

In addition to his lecturing he is an active researcher and industry consultant working transformatively with the Financial Times, BBC, and Press Association (PA). His extensive work with PA creating bespoke training programmes transformed local newspapers to digital video content providers and was documented in his international award winning cutting–edge documentary ‘8 days’. He has been an academic advisor to the government’s sponsored KTP programmes overseeing commercial companies in diverse fields as Bariatrics and Tech and creative video with Soho Theatre and been a key contributor to the University of Westminster’s commercial short courses with the likes of Pearson group.

David has been a director on the national accredited body the BJTC providing on site expertise for validation and quality control of a number of universities, and acting as an external validator to UCLAN’s launch of digital programmes. He is a juror for the Royal Television Society’s TV Innovation News Awards and One World Media Awards. David is the recipient of several international and national awards, such as the prestigious US 2005 Knight Batten Award for Innovation in Journalism. His PhD from University College Dublin investigates innovative storytelling forms, such as videojournalism, whilst  bridging cinema and journalism filmmaking that embraces mobiles, drones and a philosophy of film.

David’s work is featured in a range of academic text books (see Bradshaw & Rohumaa, 2013, p.106 );  (Hudson & Rowlands, 2007, p.301); (Sterling & Lewis, 2009, p 1423) and The Documentary Handbook in which the author Peter Lee-Wright (2009)  writes that ‘His [Gyimah’s] conception of video-journalism stands in stark contrast to the newspapers and broadcasters who see VJs as cheap alternative to crews and traditional work practices’ (p.44).   His career started in the late 1980s working for BBC Newsnight, ABC News in South Africa, Channel One, and Channel 4 News etc. His critical work includes: Obama 100 Days made for the Southbank Centre as Artist in Residence celebrating Obama's first 100 days in power; and Adana working with the Institute of War and Peace and Menapolis on the Syrian border with young Syrian filmmakers. David is a recognised International speaker, participating at SXSW, Sheffield Doc Fest, the BFI Media Conference and academic festivals in China and Egypt. He is next presenting at the IAMCR in Leicester and the Vox Symposium in India. David has been teaching for sixteen years,  starting as a visiting lecturer at Ravensboure. His research interests include diversity, innovation mnemonics and audience's interpretations.

Jeff Jarvis says

I am a fan of your work...

Jon Snow says

David is an original...

Mark Cousins says

You are an impressionist...

Professor Wolfgang Kissel

from Bauhaus University reviewing David's work.


David presents at the first mobile journalism conference.

MA Multimedia Student

comment on the Online module run by David

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